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Introduction to GPS The Global Positioning System Kitabı

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Introduction to GPS The Global Positioning System Kitabı

The idea of writing an easy-to-read, yet complete, GPS book evolved during
my industrial employment term during the period from 1996 to 1997.
My involvement in designing and providing short GPS courses gave me the
opportunity to get direct feedbacks from GPS users with a wide variety of
expertise and background. One of the most difficult tasks, which I encountered,
was the recommendation of an appropriate GPS reference book to
the course attendees. Giving the fact that the majority of the GPS users are
faced with a very tight time, it was necessary that the selected GPS book be
complete and easy-to-read. Such a book did not exist.
Initially, I developed the vugraphs, which I used in the delivery of the
short GPS courses. I then modified the vugraphs several times to accommodate
not only the various types of GPS users but also my undergraduate
students at both the University of New Brunswick and Ryerson University.
The modified vugraphs were then used as the basis for this GPS book. I
tried to address all aspects of GPS in a simplemanner, avoiding any mathematics.
The book also addressesmore recent issues such as themodernization
of GPS and the proposed European satellite navigation system known
as Galileo. As well, the book emphasizes GPS applications, which will benefit
not only the GPS users but also theGPS marketing and sales personnel.


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